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The HIAP is an independent fellowship of evangelical, Christian ministers and churches with a Pentecostal distinctive – called and committed to providing ministerial services to God’s servants throughout the World!

                Since the promise of the father descended on the day of Pentecost, God has truly been pouring out His Spirit on all flesh!  He has swept the world with waves of revival throughout the centuries, and has continued to be faithful to His people.

                Here in America, the Pentecostal movement came to the forefront of religious history during the revival of Azuza St. in 1906 and has since been representative of God’s fire in people from all denominations who recognize God’s power and His love for a lost world.

                Today, we continue in this rich heritage of God’s power and glory poured out through the Holy Ghost to edify and encourage believers to draw all men to Christ.  Situated in the capital region of Pennsylvania, namely York, PA at 813 East Market Street, our headquarters has become a center of such encouragement and edification uniting ministries and churches in a giant network of believers.  We recognize the need to be free to minister, yet united and encouraged in Christ.

                Although the ministers of the HIAP come from varied denominational backgrounds with a wide range of ministerial gifts and experiences, all endorse the HIAP statement of faith and by-laws and have the same desire – TO SEE GOD’S PEOPLE EDIFIED AND SENT TO THE NATIONS!  All our members have demonstrated an adequate level of theological proficiency and have recommended by local churches, ministers and ministries who are familiar with the person’s ministerial callings and gifts.

                God has raised up the HIAP fellowship to send forth and establish ministers and ministries throughout the US and the World by offering more than just a BASIC fellowship, but actually practical help in enhancing ministries through our various programs and resources.  

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